Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Go, Go, Go, and then...

It's a bird--It's a plane--It's Nevada Bay!! The big "stinky", as he is known in the barn, is currently overseas representing the US at Blenheim. Oh yea, and this guy named Will Coleman tagged along for the ride. I did get a text from Will and all seems well over there now. I am sure they are fussing over Neville, as it is a fairly standard way to go about the overseas business. When you are used to riding/working with almost 20 horses a day, and you suddenly have just one...you learn to play a mean game of UNO for a few days until the show starts. The other week Will came up with this "wonderful" quote that I am pretty sure he wanted to get put on a plaque to hang on Nev's stall. I think it went something like this, "When you can figure that out you will be able to drink from the streams that lead into the Nevada Bay." I swear he really said that. All odd but slightly poetic quotes aside, I am wishing them all the best and am looking forward to giving you all the updates!

Vaunted is doing very well and liking his new digs. I have been working on getting him stronger and back in action. I am not looking to do a 3-day this fall with him as he really does not need to be pushed to get back to do Fair Hill just because I want to. He has proven that he can jump around anything and while I want to do it, he does not. I am looking forward to having some fun with him this fall and doing some horse trials and working on me. This is where the title of this blog comes in. Working for Will, I have been able to ride a lot of different horses and really think about my riding and thought process.
The other week Will was going up to David O'Connor's for dressage lessons on 2 of his horses and he asked me if I wanted to go and ride his mare Rosetia. I have never had the privilege of working with David before, but it was great. I know everyone raves about him and now I know why. He was able to explain every detail of what he wanted and why he wanted it. The next day, Will and I were out on two horses and he started to explain to me where my head should be right now.

You see, when you are bitten by this riding bug, this ever growing hunger, never ending desire, sometimes frustrating bug...you just go, go, go, and go! Then, we all for whatever reason have to take a unforeseen break. So at this point, that bug goes nuts! While I know that taking this break for Vaunted was the best thing for him and it was what he needed, it was still rather hard to watch others leave the driveway and see my suite cases so lonely! Will was telling me that now is the time to take all that "go" that is being put to the side and use it at home. With more horses to ride in a day than you can count on your hands...work on you! We are always working on our horses and making them better all the time, what about us. So that is what I am doing as well as working on teaching tactics. I then pick up the phone to chat with my fellow bug bite victims and hear about all the WEG-ness that is going on. There is a lot of energy and "going" taking place out there and, well, when the going gets tough the tough get going!

I am very excited for this fall and what it is going to give to the horses that I ride and students. Also there is a fair amount going on in the world of eventing this fall...this little event in KY or something like that. I think we all need to start making good luck banner's now, you know so they are big enough, KY style!

I have attached a few pics of the farm that I took on a hack the other day. It's nice to remind yourself that you do this everyday because you love it.