Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sporting Days and the Super Bowl!!

PHEW!!! The first outing of the year is done. Vaunted was a good horse. This horse tries harder than anything I have ever sat on in my entire life. I am so lucky to have him. I have been working on my own for a couple of weeks before Bonnie got down to these here parts. I had a few of the girls video tape me a couple of times over fences and on the flat and tried to learn from that and work on what I saw. I knew that I had to do 2 dressage tests and two jump rounds with warm ups so I did not want to warm him up to long.

The Intermediate test was good and just a way for me to get back into the arena and have Vaunted get back in there. The Advanced test I was pretty happy with. He is not the biggest mover in the world and lacks a bit on his mediums and extensions. That being said he is very, very, very obedient and I have to be accurate. As I am sure you know the dressage test have changed this year. At one point in the advanced test I got confused and had to look left and right in the arena to remember where V was. uhgg. Non the less he put in a very consistent test.

Show Jumping was good for us. I get very nervous for show jumping. I tell people that if you told me on Sunday I had to go xc again instead of show jump, I would literally jump at that chance! Vaunted tries very hard to be good and do what he needs to do. I do believe that I let my nerves get the best of me. Having had Vaunted as long as I have we really have this relationship that we know each other so well we don't really need to "speak". It's like we are married!! :) For this reason he can sense my nerves. At one point in one of the rounds Vaunted jumped so hard and so big he hit my chin and I bit my lip...classy I know. It was overall a good outing for all of us and I am proud to ride him everyday.

The girls, Marley Stone and Jaclyn Burke, also went to Sporting Days today. They both were very good and got all the dust off of those xc vests! We all head out to Pine Top next weekend. I am doing the Intermediate, along with the entire eventing community, as is Marley and Jaclyn is doing the Preliminary. I am glad that I am going to get to run Vaunted xc soon because he did a gallop and is nuts!! I took a picture while galloping him and.....then I almost fell off.

We are all going to the "big house" tonight for the super bowl. No we are not going to prison. Last year I had a really hard time calling Ethel and George's place the "big house" because that is what you call I have just given in. Marley and I made the all wonderful pigs in a blanket, Jaclyn is making buffalo chicken dip, and Rebecca is make guacamole!! Ethel is the best, it is like a sorority when we all end up there. Poor George. I am not a big football fan but anytime you get to eat pigs in a blanket I'm in! Marley is not only wearing her Bruce Springsteen shirt but also holding our cooking masterpiece!

We took Conor Rollins our newest addition to the team at the Piggly Wiggly. It was his first trip! If you are going to be at Pine Top stop by and say hi. I am putting on a good face for season new success!

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