Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gibbes Farm or Bust!

I wake up this morning with that wonderful feeling that we have all know the one where you can't breathe out of your nose, your throat feels like sand paper, and you can actually hear yourself breathe in your head. That's right a good old fashion cold! Well that would most certainly not deter me from getting down south.
Annie and I get to the barn and feed, boot, and load the horses that I am taking and I give her a marshmallow hug, (you know when you hug someone but can't really cause you are wearing to many coats...) and get in the truck to leave. Only to very quickly find that it wont start, dead battery. Now I must digress and explain that while I am sitting in the truck trying to figure out why my nearly new truck wont turn over, the trailer behind me is rocking and rolling. I have three horses in my trailer, Vaunted, Ed, and Izzy, and well Vaunted is mean and trying to attack Ed through the bars and that in turn is scaring Izzy which then is making the trailer rock so hard you would think that there was a dance club in there. uhgg. I know that we need to jump start it and my 1996 Subaru Impreza probably wont cut it and all the other trucks are stuck in the massive amounts of mud around the farm. However Annie, being from Iowa, saved the day! She called her boyfriend, who is also from Iowa, and then the vet, Dr. Jeff Brashear, showed up and voila! I'm in South Carolina.

I had a GREAT driving mix in and made great time. I left Virginia at 35 degrees and a "wintery mix" and met South Carolina at 45 degrees and a light rain. However when I pulled it I found a small pond in front of the main barn...I decided not to unload there.

Bonnie, Annie, Lucy, and Conor are planning on coming down next week as Bonnie has to show some horses for sale in Virginia.
I took a picture of this random van that I saw on 85 I think. It says "Bread Rolls" how funny is that!

This weekend Marley is bringing her two horses, Bee and Wexford, down for the weekend so we are not wasting anytime! Vaunted is going to get started with his gallops and the others get to play around in the Gibbes baby x-c woods.
Updates soon!

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