Thursday, January 28, 2010

South Carolina Ways

Annie came down yesterday with one horse, Navy, and a boat load of hay. She is dropping off the trailer and I had her help me jump a few of the animals today. I also wanted to have someone around when I rode Pixie for the first time. She was great by the way!

I love being down here in the south. Now before I explain this statement, let me first say that I am born and raised southern. I was born in the small town of Climax North Carolina therefore I must consider myself a southerner. We all go to horse shows in the south at one point in time but living down here and doing the normal things, like go to the grocery store, buying gas, going to the bank, and to the local wally world, is like being back at home. In the south the speech is much more efficient. For example, outside of South Carolina you may hear someone say, "Hi, how are you doing today?", in SC you will hear this, "Hi-how-you-doin?" all in one breath and with little to no mouth movement. They also are so inspirational here. I mean you can drive down the road at any given moment look to the right OR left and see a wonderful little sentence on a marque....usually in front of a church. The best is that when you walk into a gas station and you go to pay you will see random pig parts that are pickled...mmm lunch! I went into the bank the other day and I spoke to 3 people in there, they ALL called me honey or some variation of the word. I must confess, it did make me feel rather special.

The horses are great! The boys jumped today and they were great. Vaunted and I are working really hard this winter to try to make the best of what nature gave us. I am really excited about a young horse that Bonnie has, Isbond. She got him off the track a little over a year or so ago. He is a really cool horse. Bonnie has been really great about letting me play with him and see what he wants to do...and I think it is jump big! I also rode Pixie today for the first time. When I saw her at the track there was something about her that I really liked. I think that it is because she is a bit like my Vaunted horse. She is a good mover and very aware of herself. She was really good when I got on her and by good I mean she did not buck me off or try to run away. So the next step is teaching her to jump things...and what better place than this jumping oasis. Oh and I angered the pig today, I tried to make him move fast, oops. I must admit that I am a bit afraid of his wrath.
Bonnie comes down next week and Vaunted and I go to Sporting Days to do the Intermediate and Advanced combined tests. I cant wait for everyone to get here. We are getting a new addition to our working student team this spring/summer. Conor Rollins and his horse Powerball are going to be joining in on our reindeer games.

Until next time...stay away from large angry pigs and when you need a pick-me-up walk into a southern establishment. Male or female, you will get encouraging words.

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